Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Because I'm happy!!!

Hey guys,

     Have you heard of the Happiness project? It's been floating around Instagram and Facebook for a little bit with the hashtag #100days. Users have been known to experience greater happiness, start noticing things that made them happy, be in a better mood everyday, fall in love during the challenge, and become more optimistic. And couldn't we all use a little of each (or all, to be honest) of those in our lives? You can check out more about it here: So, I'm starting off this wonderfullly warm and sunny hump day with a the A-Z of Dance (grabbed from one of my favorite blogs, Man Repeller). Come on guys, get happy!




Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hair, hair, hair long beautiful hair

Before and After

It's true that whenever I've watched a show where the main character has gone through a particularly devasting breakup or "Come to Jesus" moment they've chopped off their locks (here's looking at you Felicity). But, what about in real-life?

People have speculated that the same most be true for actresses--there was even a rumor going around about JLaw and the reason for the chop heard round the world. Clearly, negative on that one, evidenced from the liplock that she displayed at the Golden Globes. Is there room for people to just get tired of their current 'do and chop it all off? Or is hair length inextricably linked to crisis?

I recently chopped off a couple of inches, albeit after a breakup, and felt liberated from the split ends and remnants of color gone wrong (the color was right, but my lack of maintenance was wrong oh so wrong). I found myself wanting to go shorter and shorter everyday. Emotions have settled down, but the desire to go shorter hasn't. If not for the polar vortex plaguing the East Coast, I would have ponied up to my hair stylist and made like Jennifer Hudson (and JLaw, to be fair).

So, I ask you, would you ever go shorter just because, or does a breakup (both romantic and platonic) bring out the ear exhibitionist in you?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Are you afraid of the dark?

Source: R.L. Stine, "Night of the Living Dummy"

When I was younger, I could never bring myself to watch an episode of (or read, for that matter) "Goosebumps". I was afraid of what might be on the screen (mostly the things that go bump in the night) and the bad dreams that come along with them. But, I grew up, got some cajones, and watched. And, I realized, that it wasn't as bad as I'd always imagined it being.

The same can said for a lot of things in life. The first day of college, first day at a new job, first date, etc. I'm definitely guilty of over-thinking things. According to Communications Theory, the Uncertainty Reduction Theory is an individual's desire to reduce tension by seeking out information. This can be either passive or active (sorry, just a little preview of grad school for ya).

Speaking of grad school, I've wanted to go for so long and yet, couldn't bring myself to apply. I finally did and got into a Communications program in DC and I couldn't be happier! Well, I could definitely be more rested, but that's another story. Anyway, when you're constantly writing papers, it doesn't leave much time for writing live-journal style. So, sorry for my absence, but I'll make a better effort to post something every so often. In the meantime, I ask you, what are you afraid of???

Monday, October 28, 2013

Doesn't it feel like everytime we talk, I'm apologizing?

Perhaps because that's true. Though, this time, I'll be honest and say that I have actually thought about you over the course of these few weeks (months?). I hate the excuse, "I've been soooo busy." But, I have actually been quite busy with work and starting grad school (wahoo!), so I think that's somewhat legitimate?

Anyway, the other reason is that I've had serious blogger's block (bahahaha! Like that alliteration?). Every time I think I want to blog about something, I can't figure out how to form sentences---I know, this should bode really well for grad school. I don't watch awards shows, so I can't talk to you about the Emmys (other than the fact that coverage of the red carpet has shown me that I love Kiernan Shipka more and more everyday.), I haven't watched a decent tv show in what feels like weeks--actually, LIES, I watched about 40 mins of Orange is the New Black and I'm a little bit obsessed, and I have this burning desire to SHOP even though my closet is filled with a bunch of stuff I don't really wear (I suppose the whole, "get rid of two things and acquire one new thing" would be applicable here). So, basically WAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! There's just something about the weather turning colder that makes me more apt to whine. Is that weird? Like, for some reason when it's sunny and warm, how can you really hate on life? You can't. It's sunny, it's warm, people are out, etc. Granted, yes, it's generally hot as Hades and sticky in DC, but STILL. There's just a HUGE possibility that something cool will happen and you'll meet someone interesting, that my inner pessimist is just like, QUIT YOUR WHINING AND ENJOY LIFE!! No such stopping of inner pessimist when it's fall/winter. In fact, I'm pretty sure that I can find even MORE reasons to whine than I normally would. It's really a wonder that I have friends during two seasons out of the year. And, it's times like this that we must really really take the time to find reasons to be grateful for our lives. Don't get me wrong, vent, whine, get pissed, throw something, scream, rinse and repeat. Because pretending to be happy about your life when you're not is really just a recipe for disaster. But! Wallowing for a while (cry, eat ice cream, listen to Adele--sidenote: that woman just gets me) and then, dusting yourself off and realizing that your life is great is kind of like someone finding 5 dollars on the street and giving it to you, apropos of nothing. And, to all of you cynics out there, yes, that really does happen--it's happened to me a total of ONE TIME, but that's enough for me to believe that it can happen to you too!

So, here's my list of things to be grateful for this week:

1) My friends: I, honestly, have the best friends in the world. I think it's easy to take for granted the amazing, intelligent, kind-hearted people in your life on a regular basis, because, hey, they've always been there and they'll always be there, right? HECK NO! Things happen in an instant and you never know when one of them might move away, end the friendship, or God forbid, die, so it's really important to realize, "hey, my friends are awesome and make themselves available to talk out all of my little crises with me just because."

2) Netflix: Yes, I know, following that profound statement about friendship with Netflix seems shallow, but HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE CHOICES ON NETFLIX?!?! I mean, you could literally waste your life away just watching random stuff that you didn't even know existed before and then, 3 seconds later, be prompted to watch something else incredibly random and wonderful.

3) French fries: Obviously, there is going to be a food item on this list and I eat French fries with almost every meal, so this should come as no surprise. They are just magical and salty and delicious, so I'm pretty happy that they were invented and can be purchased off the Dollar menu at McDonald's for a dollar. A DOLLAR. You can't buy anything for a dollar anymore, but you can buy French fries.

4) My Job: No, not for the reasons you may think. I am not one of those annoying people that really loves their job and takes great satisfaction in going into work everyday. It's actually the exact opposite, but, in this economy where a lot of people are unemployed or working a job that doesn't afford them the ability to live, makes me feel pretty grateful to have a job that pays for my living expenses and vices. Plus, my coworkers are endlessly entertaining in their awkwardness, so it has that going for it as well.

5) MY FRIEND NANCY!!!! Nancy, you are an absolutely wonderful, hilarious, athletic, intelligent, and all around AMAZING human being and yes, you round out the top 5 of things I'm grateful for today. Plus, I know that you're going to rock the heck out of the NYC MARATHON (I did say she was athletic) next weekend!!!!!!! Love you lots girl!<----Here's hoping she reads the blog today, right?




Monday, August 12, 2013

I missed you, did you miss me?

I feel like I say this a lot, but SORRY FOR BEING AWAY FOR SO LONG YOU GUYS!!! Fortunately and unfortunately, I've been carried away with the "Summer of Erika" and have neglected my blogger duties. But, I swear, no longer. I will try to be more consistent and also, a lot funnier. Though, considering that I keep writing the same sentence over and over and then deleting it (I'm only on my first cup of coffee), I wouldn't hold out much hope on that second part.

Things that have been covered to death by great bloggers:

- Cronuts
- Crop tops (I have a feeling they'll be here to stay)
- Kimye's baby, North West
- Prince George
-Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

I won't even begin to go into any of these, though, to be fair, this post was originally about crop tops. Though, every good fashion maven knows, you don't cover something after ManRepeller does, you'll just feel inadequate and terse. Disclaimer: I have a "girl crush" on Leandra Medine. Then again, how does one not?

My friend Nancy suggested that I start blogging about people that need makeovers and, while I do love a great makeover a la Cher Horowitz and Tai (RIP Brittany Murphy). I feel like the person that wore purple crushed velvet floral print overalls in EIGHTH GRADE is probably not the person equipped to be doling out advice (though, overalls are totally making a comeback).

I would love to say that my style has evolved past that and it some ways (I eventually outgrew those overalls), but mostly I still wear things that make me feel happy and evoke the type of mood I'm in at the moment. And, lest one forgets, LAZY is totally a mood, so thank goodness for maxi dresses that make you look put together, but do not involve a lot of thought. Because, we all know, looking as though you tried too hard to make it out the door, is the absolute kiss of death when it comes to being a fashionista. Does that mean that if I found the grown up equivalent of those purple crushed velvet floral print overalls that I wouldn't succumb to its force? Umm....I think it depends on the pair and the sticker price, but I think I'm weak against its charms.

So, those are the things I'll leave you with dear reader. Hopefully, it won't be long until you hear from me again.



Friday, June 14, 2013

It's the weekend!

Hey y'all,

 Or, should that be a Hey'all? Can't decide. Anyway, just wanted to wish you all a happy weekend break AND to invite you to follow me (but, mostly the blog) on Twitter (@DotsandBars). I'll try to keep you guys entertained over the weekend with funny gifs that make you wish that you were in DC (WITH ME!!!), but, most likely, they'll just be ramblings of why I haven't had enough pizza and there aren't enough repeats of Seinfeld (LOVE.THAT.SHOW).



Wednesday, June 12, 2013

All the Disney Princesses...

You know those days, when you're dying to write about something, ANYTHING, but instead you find yourself in a pit on Youtube? Well, that's where I'm at. It's like my inspiration fairy has taken the week off (unceremoniously, I might add), and I'm just sitting here sucking a lollipop waiting for her to return.

Sorry to start you off with Miley Cyrus you guys, but you have to admit that her version of "Jolene" is pretty darn good. I felt like I left you guys hanging here when I mentioned my love for Selena Gomez. I know, I know, but it's not like I'm declaring a girl crush on Vanessa Hudgens (though, her 'Sneaker Night' video is quite catchy) or anything, but I suppose there comes a time in every person's life where it's easier to like their catchy songs than to despise them. I'll admit, I started off reaaaallllyyyyy disliking Miley--something about the Hannah Montana schtick GOT to me. But then, 'Party in the USA' wore me down and, well, it was downhill from there. Now, I'm sitting here in my pjs writing about Miley Cyrus instead of educating myself. IT"S THE END OF THE WORLD YOU GUYS, IT"S OFFICIAL. Anyway, it just got me thinking about all of my girl crushes. I can't go through all of them (because that would take up some serious time), but I'll give you my Top Ten.

1. Nancy Drew


Of course I'm starting off with a literary/fictional girl crush! But, Nancy Drew was, and always be, the original girl crush of all girl crushes. Not only did she look fantastic while solving mysteries, but she also outwitted pretty much every boy, man, person she came in contact with. I'm not even going to pretend to be that person that doesn't still have her copies of Nancy Drew on her bookcase (book covers are your friend), because I unabashedly do. That series further spurned my love of reading and, unlike a lot of young adult literature, the romantic life of Nancy Drew wasn't the main focus.

2. Mindy Kaling

So, my love for Mindy Kaling first started on The Office when she played Kelly Kapour, continued when she was interviewed on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart for her book (which, I haven't read yet--I'm a bad fan), and has reached a fever pitch now that her show "the Mindy Project" is on Fox. Let's try to forget the fact that she's a woman of color with a comedy on a MAJOR NEWS NETWORK that is not only doing well, but gaining momentum; that the show is refreshingly honest and fiiiinnallly portraying a humorous woman in a REAL way--wait, don't forget all that. That's EXACTLY why she's a girl crush.

3. Hillary Clinton

So, no matter your political leanings, it's hard to deny that Hillary Clinton's star continues to rise. Not only did she give our current POTUS a run for his money in 2008; graciously accepted the title of Secretary of State once Obama won the White House and was one of the most successful SoS of ALL TIME; but (!!!) was able to mediate a talk between Israel, took the most trips as an acting Secretary of State, and ended her tenure with a higher approval rating than the sitting President. I mean, can you say AWESOME? Not to mention, she was the muse for the (now defunct) ever hilarious #TextsfromHillary tumblr.

4. Jennifer Lawrence

No girl crush list would be complete without JLaw (as she is affectionately called) making an appearance. Whether it's her gif-able (I've decided it's a word now) facial expressions, stellar performances in MULTIPLE performances, stunning red carpet appearances, and general laissez-faire attitude about life, she just seems like a gal that would appreciate my random musings. She also seems like a gal that you could call up and say, "Hey dude, wanna hang out?" and she'd be completely content in coming over to watch reality tv while eating ice cream (if you're not partaking in two guilty pleasures at once, you're doing it wrong).

5. Judy Blume

Are you there guys? It's me, E. Full disclosure: I've never actually read that book, but I've read pretty much every other Judy Blume book there is. And Judy, girl, you helped me get through some VERY awkward pre-pubescent years, so thank you. Not to mention, she's written some of the most thoughtful and strong female characters. She's clearly a HUGE fan of girls and Girls (that last part I learned by reading The Cut).

6. Tyra Banks

Not to sound like a hipster, but I liked Tyra before it was cool. Way before her days as the model-hopeful mogul, Tyra graced the pages of many glossy mags. I begged my mom for the copy of Seventeen magazine that she was on. I read her interview many times over. I was OBSESSED. Now, I'm the first to poke fun of Tyra because of things that she does, but she's also a force to be reckoned with.

7. Kerry Washington

I think these days it's almost impossible to not be obsessed with Kerry Washington (and her show 'Scandal'). From her stellar movie choices to her impeccable fashion picks, this girl is on fire. Few people remember her as being the older sister on 'Save the Last Dance' (myself included. One of my friends had to point it out to me), but clearly, she has come a long way from being a minor role in a major movie (let's not talk about Django: Unchained. I.just.can't.).

8. Spice Girls

GIRL POWER! While most people love to hate them nowadays, the Spice Girls reigned supreme for quite a while and their message of girl power was one of empowerment for young girls. While the last time they were on stage together was the Victoria Secret fashion show (of all things), they have all managed to find success. I guess what we really really wanted (sorry, I couldn't resist) was to see more of them.

9. Maya Angelou

A famous poet laureate, author, and activist, Maya Angelou has had an impressive and illustrious career. It's absolutely difficult NOT to have a woman crush on Maya Angelou. Though, I'd say that my "crush" is actually more awe and respect---the woman received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She would definitely be at my imaginary dinner party, though, not entirely sure what I'd serve.....

10. Chelsea Handler

Last, but certainly not least, is Chelsea Handler. TV host, comedienne, and best-selling author, Chelsea Handler has proven that you can be a girl and bawdy--the two are not mutually exclusive. 'Chelsea Lately' is ALWAYS hilarious. There's something about her no-holds-barred humor that seems to put celebrities at ease and get them to show a different side of their personality not normally seen on the talk show circuit. How can you not love a woman that writes a book titled, "Are you there Vodka? It's me Chelsea." and keeps a small person on staff? Definitely unique.

Honorable Mentions: Kathy Griffin, Connie Britton, the cast of the Pretty Little Liars, Joan Rivers, Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Sandra Bullock, and many more of the amazing women in (and out) of Hollywood. GIRL POWER!